Business Design Services I offer

When I talk about business design, I'm not talking about graphic design or web design for your business.

What I'm talking about is designing your business through the use of business plans and systems that run and grow your business by automation and streamlining behavior (Yours and your clients) to achieve defined results. The benefit for you is that your business runs itself, with a minimum of oversight needed from you, which frees up your time to focus on doing the work you love and serving your clients. 

1 to 1 Business Coaching/Consulting - Business coaching/consulting is perfect for someone who wants hands on help with creating and implementing your business plan and systems.  

  • I will work alongside you to set up your business plan and systems.
  • I will help you define the roles and responsibilities of each person in your organization.
  • I will show you how to automate and optimize your technology.
  • I will also show you how to set up the right boundaries in your business so your time and skills are respected, instead of taken advantage of.

The benefit of working with me is you get someone sitting in the driver's seat with you, helping you set your business up so its no longer a headache to run. When were finished you'll be fully in control and more importantly be more productive and profitable in your business. 1 to 1 coaching packages start at $800 a month, but can vary depending on what help you need with your business. Click the button below to contact me and share your situation with me.

Business Operations Management - Business operations management is perfect for the business owner who doesn't have time to create a business plan or set up the operations and systems for their business, but KNOWS they need it, if they want to continue growing their business.

  • I will come into your business and create your business plan and implement it.
  • I will set up your operations and systems and then manage the systems and technology piece of your business.
  • I will manage your projects for you and make sure deadlines are met and work is finished according to your standards. 
  • I will check in with you each week and we will set up organizational goals and actions that support the work you are doing.

The benefit for you is that you no longer have to concern yourself with the day to day activities of your business, but can instead focus on your work and serving your community. Your operations and systems is taken care of for you and you no longer need to be overwhelmed and wear all the hats. Business Operations Management starts at $4000 a month, but may vary depending on the needs of your business. Interested in having me run the operations of your business? Click the button below to contact me and share your situation with me.

Policy and Process writing and editing: Sometimes you may need someone who can write technical documents about your business. But lets be honest... Technical writing can be pretty daunting. You're in luck though because I have lots of experience with technical writing. Do you need a policy written up or edited? Do you want me to write out your workflow processes and the roles and responsibilities of your organization? Do you need me to describe specific activities that people need to perform? I can do all of that and more. The benefit for you is that I do the writing for you, which takes it off your plate and allows you to focus on more important work, such as taking care of your clients. My policy and process writing services start at $75/hr, but may vary depending on the scope of the project. Click the button below to contact me and share your situation with me.