Why being yourself is a secret ingredient to the success of your business

If there's one mistake I see made over and over again (and I've made it too), its an entrepreneur who tries too hard to fit in with preconceived ideas of how a business owner should look or act or dress. And the problem is that when you try to fit in, it comes off as inauthentic and actually hurts your business more than it helps.

For a few years I tried to fit in. I wore suits and did my best to not show my weirdness, because I was told people wouldn't do business with me. About the only thing I didn't change was my hair, because I like it long...but no matter how sharply I dressed and how I tried to be normal, it didn't really help my business.

Acting normal isn't what makes you successful in business. And acting normal kept me from discovering my tribe, eccentric entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to be weird in their business or their lives. In the video below I share why being yourself is a secret ingredient to success in your business.

When you are you, without the glitz and glamour, you're letting people get to know you and that is one reason why people choose to do business with you. Growing your business, in part, relies on your personality, on letting people establish why they should trust you to help them with their problem.

Why is it so hard to be ourselves in business?

The answer is below...

The reason its so hard to be ourselves is because we've been sold on the value of conformity. But conforming to other peoples' expectations just makes us miserable. Like I shared in the video...if there's someway you're holding yourself back, that will sabotage your business. Challenge yourself to do the opposite and you'll discover that being yourself will help you find your tribe and make your business more successful than if you conform to what you think people expect of you.