The Virtue of Patience

There are 3 virtues business owners must have to be successful. One of those virtues is patience. When we are patient, we are able to take our time with executing our work and we recognize that not everything will happen at once.

Sometimes we have to wait for results and sometimes we need to be patient with the work itself. I share why in the video below and explain how patience can make a difference in the success of your business.

Book Review: Sell it Today, Sell it Now by Tom Hopkins and Pat Leiby

In this sales book, the authors discuss how to get good at selling when you're in front of a person. The focus is on being able to sell right then, right there, and as such this is an excellent book for people doing in-person sales. The authors walk the reader through how to recognize the prospect's resistance and then how to warm them up to be open to sales. They offer a lot of good advice and tips on how to present yourself and get people comfortable. If you're doing a lot of in-person sales or phone sales this is a good book to read. My one complaint would be they don't focus on online sales at all, but it is a different medium.