My top 10 wizard hacks for increasing productivity in your business

A lot of small business owners and eccentric entrepreneurs never feel like they have time to do the work that calls to them. They feel overwhelmed by administrative work, marketing, and other business activities that they feel they must do to keep their business running, but along the way their productivity dries up and the joy they feel turns into business burnout.

However it doesn't have to be that way in your business. I'm going to share with you 10 business wizard hacks for increasing productivity in your business, while also helping you cut down on the overwhelm and overload of running your business.

The Top 10 Wizard Hacks for increasing productivity in your business

1. Start your day with meditation

Before I check email or look at anything to do with my business. I meditate. The benefit of meditation is that it helps you clear your mind, and fully awaken to the day. When I meditate, I often get some of my best creative ideas, so I keep a notepad on hand to write them down. 

A simple meditation technique you can use involves paying attention to your breath. Remember to breathe in and out through your nose. Focus your awareness on following the breath as it goes into and out of your body. If thoughts come up, note them, and then return to your breathing. If a thought about a project comes up, write it on your notepad and then go back to focusing on your breathing.

2. Turn off your notifications and set specific times to check your email and social media

Far too many business owners live and die by the sound of notifications on their phone and computer. The notifications keep them distracted and unfocused because they feel they need to respond, but usually the notifications aren't that important. Turn your notifications off and keep your tabs on your browser down to the minimum needed to do the current work you're engaged in.

Check your email and social media at set times of the day, or as a reward/break for getting productive work done. This allows you to keep up on what happens, but also keeps you focused on the projects you need to do.

3. Devote a half hour to an hour to exercise each day

Just as meditation can help you start your day right, exercise can also help you be more productive. When you exercise, you get away from the stress of your desk and the glare of your screen. You also move and in the movement of your body you may find you release stress and tension while inspiring creative thought that helps you work through problems.

Some of my best problem solving time happens when I swim, because I'm in the water moving, and my mind is liberated to look at the problem or project in a different way. 

Another reason to exercise is you feel good afterward and accomplished, which helps inspire your work for the rest of the day.

4. Create a productivity plan to help you get more productive time and work done 

A productivity plan focuses on helping you identify what work is productive versus what work is busy. When you work on a productivity plan, you're giving your business and yourself direction about what activities will actually help you grow your business versus what activities are draining way your productivity. 

One reason business owners are so overwhelmed is because they're wearing all the hats and doing all of the work of the business, but when you have a productivity plan in place it helps you define the value of your time and lets you give away the work eating up your productivity. If you need helping putting a plan together, check out my productivity plan bootcamp.

5. Ask small questions, make small changes

Most business owners I know get hung up on making big changes to their business. The problem with big changes is that they often aren't sustainable and can be hard to implement. Instead of making big changes, try making small changes.

A good way to do this is to ask a small question such as, "What is one small change I can make today to improve my business?" By asking that question, you're focusing on a specific change you can make now that improves your business. You aren't trying to fix all of your problems or make a huge change all at once, but the small change you make creates momentum and can often improve your productivity in that area of your business.

6. Create a vision board theme of the year to help you work on a specific part of your business you want to improve

A vision board is a creative process that allows you to look at what you want to manifest in your business. A lot of visions boards tend to be unfocused to some extent, so I recommend creating one with a specific theme you want to implement in your business and then hang the vision board where you can see it each day, so it inspires your work on that theme.

Use images and words that feel relevant to theme and help you stay on top of manifesting that them in your business. 

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2017

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2017

7. Use theme days to organize when you work on specific activities

A lot of business owners take a scattered approach to work. when you apply themes to your days it helps you focus on particular types of work that you'll do on a given day. 

For example Monday is my marketing day, when I only work on marketing materials and content for my business. By devoting an entire day to that work it lets me get it done and set it up for the rest of the week, but also frees me up to do other work during the week that isn't related to marketing. 

The other benefit of having themed days is that it creates a routine for you. You know what you'll be doing each day of the week and you can put off specific work until that day occurs, instead of just reacting to it when it comes your way.

8. Break your projects into specific steps and only focus on one step at a time

Sometimes a given project is overwhelming because you're looking at the whole picture instead of focusing on the details. I make my projects manageable by defining what each step of the project is and then putting only the current step on my project board. When that step is done, I erase it and put the next step up. The benefit of approaching projects in this way is that I don't get overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done. I'm only working on the immediate step, and when I finish it, that momentum keeps me moving forward.

9. Work with a business spirit guide

One of my best resources for productivity is my business spirit guide Bune. One of his realms influence is wealth and business and he always shows up to point me in the direction I need to go in order to improve my business. He also doesn't put up with any excuses for not doing work. Each of Bune's suggestions that I've followed through on have helped my business immensely.

When you have spirit guide focused specifically on business, you have another set of eyes looking for opportunities for you and a being that watches your back and helps you accomplish your goals. Your spirit guide will inspire you and spur you on, so that you accomplish the productive work you've been putting off.

10. Use technology to automate repetitious tasks

A lot of the work in your business can be automated with technology. And while you might be intimidated by learning the technology, once you know it and have it automated, it saves you a lot of time and helps you accomplish work that you might otherwise put more time into than it deserves.

I've used technology to automate some of my marketing and when I did that it helped me reach more people, saved me more time, and allowed me to focus on the productive work that would serve those people's needs. 

Those are my top 10 productivity hacks. Do you have any you would include? Leave a comment below with your productivity hack and share with us how it helps you be more productive in your business.