How to Occupy the Conscious Mind and Liberate your Creative Genius

The other day I was feeling creatively blocked. I had just finished setting up my Facebook messenger bots and I realized suddenly I had an opportunity to share some actual content. I haven't written much in the last 7 or so months because I've been busy learning a ton about online marketing.

My mind felt like it was a cup of tea, filled to the brim and even spilling over a bit. I was overwhelmed and didn't feel like I could hear my own voice. And when you can't hear your own voice, you can't create anything that speaks to anyone else (or yourself).

Courtesy of Pexels

Courtesy of Pexels

So I decided I needed to take a break and do something completely different. I ended up playing video games for two days, just losing myself in the electronic world and actions of characters trying to save the day. 

But what I was really doing was occupying the conscious mind so my unconscious mind could work through the block and liberate my creative eccentric genius. 

What I notice holds so many business owners up in their business is that when they feel blocked from being productive, they try to fight through that block. And the more they fight it, the stronger it gets.

There's nothing quite so disheartening as feeling uninspired with your own business. But we all have this secret (or not so secret fear) that if we're not showing how hard we're working that we're somehow failing the business and ourselves. So we try to push through the block and it occupies our conscious mind, taking up everything and keeping us away from inspiration, joy and doing work that really matters for the people we serve.

Courtesy of Pexels

Courtesy of Pexels

I want to propose a different action to you, one that can help you get your productivity back, unleash your creative genius and do the work you are called to do from a place of joy and inspiration.

When you feel blocked or stuck, occupy your conscious mind and liberate your unconscious mind so it can start working around the creative block that's holding you back.

What that really means is that you need to stop trying to do the work that isn't working. Do something else. And yes there may be part of you that feels secretly guilty for not working...but when you try to force yourself to work, nothing really gets done.

One of the secrets to growing business involves knowing when to step away from your business. When you feel blocked, do something that occupies your conscious mind. In my case, I paint, or I play video games or I read a book. I do something I enjoy and I do it for as long as I need to do it.

For instance, just recently I spent 2 days playing video games. I was feeling blocked and overwhelmed and I knew the solution was to just have some fun. So I played a couple games, occupied my conscious mind and let my unconscious mind figure out how to dissolve the block and free my inner eccentric entrepreneur. I played those games and as I consciously solved the puzzles and battled my way through the hordes of electronic pixels, I unconsciously liberated my creativity.

And those 2 days were exactly what I needed! Taking myself away from the problem freed me up to solve it and come back to my business inspired and joyful, ready to do meaningful work that would connect me to my tribe and allow me to serve them. 

And instead of feeling guilty for taking 2 days away from my business, I feel happy, relaxed, liberated and ready to work! I realized putting pressure on myself to produce doesn't help me or my community. 

And it doesn't help you either. 

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to simply stop working and do something fun that occupies the conscious mind and liberates the unconscious mind.

And here's what you have to remember.

Don't put a time limit on yourself. So many business owners, but it is important to give yourself permission to simply relax and have fun until you are done...and your unconscious brings to the surface the inspiration and creativity that will allow you to serve your community.

Now this doesn't mean you skip your work with clients, but let all other work go and simply have fun. Let that be your process of liberation that brings you back to the work and then you will find that your creative, eccentric genius is unleashed and ready to get out there and make a difference with your business. 

And if you need help with growing your business and getting in touch with your creative genius, check out my FREE Grow Your Business by Design Workbook, which shows you how to create and implement your own systems you can use to help you be more productive, grow your business, and be an amazing eccentric entrepreneur.