How to get comfortable with being openly weird in your business (and why you want to)

I haven't always been comfortable letting my weirdness out into my business. Sometimes, way too many times, I've second guessed myself and had a moment of anxiety as I've wondered, "Will this person reject me if I show them how weird I am?" 

Picture courtesy of pexels

Picture courtesy of pexels


Honest truth though: I've found trying to fit in is a lot harder than just being your weird, authentic self. 

And yeah some people will reject you. Some people won't do business with you. But those people were never part of your tribe anyway. And trying to cater to them can be quite miserable, whereas just being your weird and eccentric self can actually help you find your tribe and allow you to serve them, which brings a lot more joy.

In the video below I share how to recognize when you feel uncomfortable about being and how to get comfortable about it:

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Book Reviews

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

This book came into my life at the right time. The author shares the core skills of whole-hearted people and how any person can learn those skills. This is a book I would recommend to anyone because it teaches you how to to bring joy into you life and change who you are as a result, in a way that truly will make you a happier and more whole hearted person.

One Small Step can change your life by Robert Maurer

Big isn't always better and this book explains why that is. The author makes a persuasive case for why trying to make big changes can cause you fear, anxiety, and stop you in your tracks, while if you make small changes it can actually help you build momentum and make it easier for you to reach your big goals, because you're getting around your Amygdala. I've applied some of the ideas in this book to my clients and my work and it has made a huge difference in both cases.