How to balance your house work with your business

When you own a home based business one of the challenges you face is figuring out how to take take care of your house hold, while working on your business. Your house hold has chores and errands that need to be done, and yet you also need to work on your business. Finding the right balance, where your house hold is taken care of and your business is also taken care of can be tricky, without the right systems in place, as I share in the video below. 

Both your business and home need systems that automate the administrative work you do.

Your house work is the administrative work you do for your home. Whether its grocery shopping, or cleaning, or any of the other tasks that have to be done to make sure your home runs smoothly, its work that has an impact on your business.

When you operate a home based business and don't have good systems in place, your house work can take over your business or at least be a distraction that keeps you from effectively focusing.

So its important to develop systems that help you get that work done and take care of your home, but still allow you to focus on your business the rest of the time.

As I shared in the video, part of your system comes down to figuring out the best time to fit in the house work. But a system is more than just timing. So you want to look at not just the best time to do the house work, but also how you can use that time effectively. 

For instance my errands are planned around location. I make sure that if I have to run errands, those errands are only run if I know I'll be in those locations. This insures I'm not running around all day, and as a results keeps me focused on my business.

By creating systems for your house work you provide yourself a way to balance your house work with your business, take care of your family and stay on top of your business. Need help creating systems for your business (and home)? Check out my business growth guide which shows you 10 systems that are easy to implement and can help you run your business (and home), instead of letting run you.