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When you started your own business, you did it because you wanted to do something you love that could also solve a problem for other people. But the reality of owning a business can be a lot more complex.

I don't know any business owner who started a business because they wanted to feel overwhelmed and scattered, yet many business owners feel that way, often because they didn't realize a simple truth about owning a business:

When you start a business you don't get to just do the work you love, you also have to run the business.

And let's face it, running a business can be overwhelming because of all the hats you have to wear.  You have the marketing hat, the sales hat, the finance hat, the operations hat, the customer experience hat, and the technology hat. And each of those hats has responsibilities that come with it.

It's overwhelming enough to make a business owner stick their head in the sand to avoid dealing with it all!

And that's exactly what a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs do...and not just people starting their business, but also people who've a owned business for years and years.

The problem with sticking your head in the sand is that you're running your business by reaction, waiting for things to happen to you before making decisions. A business run by reaction is a business that's always in crisis mode and the people in the business are scattered, overwhelmed and trying to put out the fires instead of focusing on growing their business and serving their clients.

At the same time these business owners are so overwhelmed that they are blind to their problems. They think the solution is to generate more leads, improve their marketing and get more sales. But better marketing and sales won't solve all your problems and may even create new ones for you. When you ignore the problems that are overwhelming you, it's hard to effectively serve existing clients and get new clients.  

All you wanted to do was go into business and do the work you love, helping people who need your services. You didn't expect to be overwhelmed with running a business and wearing all the hats that comes with a business. No one does.

But there is a solution...

I'm Taylor Ellwood, the business wizard for small business owners and eccentric entrepreneurs. I help business owners and entrepreneurs like you grow your business by design.

I've helped overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs take back control of their business and develop proactive business systems that help them run and grow their business by design, while also allowing them to do the work they love. Let me share a few examples with you.

Example 1: An Accountant with no business plan or systems

I worked with an accountant, who had been in business for 15 years, but didn't have a business plan or systems in place. His office was chaos incarnate, with each staff member stepping on the others' toes (figuratively and literally) and not doing the work they were supposed to do. His clients were taking advantage of his generous nature by haggling with him about prices and he was dealing with a bad case of business burnout.

Once we started working together I helped him create a business plan, define the roles and responsibilities of each staff member and develop workflow systems that kept everyone organized and focused on doing their respective work in the office. Office morale improved over night, and clients were happier with the results. At the same time, I helped the accountant set firm boundaries around his time and prices, which helped him serve his clients more effectively, and allowed him to acquire more clients.

Example 2: A soap making company with no business plans or systems

In another case, I worked with a soap making business. They had been in business for a few years and were doing trade shows, but a lot of times they weren't doing the right trade shows, and when they were doing the right ones they were missing out on sales. I helped them develop a better workflow system for their trade show appearances, where they were able to move people through the sales process seamlessly while showing their clients the soaps they were creating.

I also helped them put together a production plan and systems to make creating new and old product more efficient. And I helped them a marketing plan and systems that identified their ideal clients and got them into the right trade shows. As a result their business has grown steadily.

Example 3: A Marketing Agency just starting out

In the final example I'm going to share with you, I worked with a marketer, who'd just started her marketing agency. She was operating it out of a closet in her house and didn't have any clients. She also didn't have a business plan. Together we developed a business plan that helped her get clarity and focus around who her ideal clients were. We also created systems that automated how she ran her business. As a result she was able to find the right clients and move into an office space of her own. 

What do each of these businesses have in common?

Before they worked with me they didn't have a business plan or business systems set up to grow their business by design. Instead they were running their businesses by reaction, overwhelmed by everything that had to be done. Just focusing on marketing and sales wouldn't have helped these business owners, because their problem was that there entire business was being run on reaction. 

If you're here, you're likely facing a similar problem. You love what you do, but running your business is exhausting you because you're overwhelmed with all the hats you have to wear. You want your business to grow, but you don't know what to do, to help you grow it effectively. You're scattered, trying to go in multiple directions at the same time, and yet going nowhere fast.

Let me help you with that problem. I offer an initial FREE half-hour consult to talk about your business. Let me walk you through what will happen.

What to expect when you contact me

When you click the button below to go to my contact page, you'll fill out the contact form and tell me a bit you and your business, as well as the best way to contact you. I'll contact you within 24 hours to set up our free appointment. When the appointment is made I'll send you the call-in information and remind you of our appointment the day of it.

At the time of our appointment, I will record our call. That way you'll have it for your records. We'll discuss your business and what your current problems seem to be. You'll do most of the talking, because I'll be asking you questions about your business so I can better understand what your challenges are. 

At the end of our call, I will let you know if I think we're a good fit. If we aren't, I'll recommend you to someone else who can help you. If we are a good fit, I will outline what I can do to help you and show you how what we'll do will help you grow your business by design. No matter what you decide, my goal is that you will come away from our half hour session with a better understanding of what you need to do to grow your business by design.

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