Embrace your weirdness, Grow your business


Welcome to Eccentric Entrepreneurs

I work with eccentric entrepreneurs, business owners who have weird interests, alternative and eclectic spiritual beliefs, and the passionate drive to share something special with the world.

I help eccentric entrepreneurs discover who their unique tribe is, and how to market their business to that tribe so they get more qualified leads and grow their business. 

I also teach eccentric entrepreneurs the fundamental business skills they need to automate the running of their business so they can focus on the work they love to do.

I believe you can turn your weird interests into amazing businesses that empower your clients while inspiring your life and work.

I believe that being true to yourself is the best path forward to business success.

I believe what makes your business intriguing is your eccentric, quirky personality and that hiding it actually keeps you from growing your business.

I believe that trying to be normal and fit in, kills the soul of your business, the passion of your creativity, and the connection to your unique community.

I’m your business wizard and I’ll wave my magic wand and help you run your business the way you want to, in all your eccentric glory and passion. I’ll teach you how to turn your passion into fuel for your business, and how to let your secret identity blaze forth and shine a light to your community and clients, transforming them into rabid fans who can’t get enough of what you do, because of how it changes their lives for the better.

I'll also teach you how to create plan around your business that actually excites you and develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your true community. Most importantly what you'll learn is that being yourself is the best strategy you have for making your business successful. To connect with me, go to the contact page.